Opposites to Harmony

Today, many Christians celebrate the feast of the Annunciation, when the angel Gabriel came to Mary and announced God’s plan for the healing of all creation.  This is also, of course, the event that inspired our company name and informs our value of working with people of all beliefs, races, genders, and backgrounds.  There are … Read more

The Weights We Carry

the weights we carry

The Internet is never lacking in pressure to do more exercise or to do the “right” kind of exercise. One of the messages that pops up on my feed over and over is how I should be doing more weight lifting. Whether it’s a self-described “swole” guy telling me that lifting weights will help me … Read more

Can Dietary Changes Heal Anxiety and Depression?

diet for depression and anxiety

The answer is: it’s complicated. While dietary changes may help in some cases, anxiety and depression have complex causes, including maladaptive thoughts and chemical processes in the brain that aren’t addressed strictly with higher nutrient levels.  Some people will propose that, because the gut produces much of the body’s serotonin, healing issues there will greatly … Read more