Our Approach

  • Evidence-based: We choose treatment and wellness strategies based on research evidence, practitioner expertise, and your needs and values as our client.  
  • Inclusive: We believe that healthcare and wellness are for everyone, and we support your goals, values, and beliefs in the context of your unique identity. 
  • Integrated: We understand wellness as a multi-dimensional reality, and we are happy to work with one another, with you, and with other practitioners to ensure our solutions and strategies fit into an approach that honors your total well-being.
  • Compassionate: We value your autonomy and feelings of safety. We strive to affirm this in word and action throughout the entire treatment process.

Our Team

Brittany Balke
Director and Education Coordinator

Nina Gasow
Registered Dietitian

We are a faith-informed practice that serves clients of all beliefs and backgrounds. The Annunciation inspires our value of being inclusive. We are also aware that many Catholic and Orthodox Christians will have particular needs in women’s health and/or eating disorder recovery; our knowledge and skill set is able to meet those needs. For a more detailed explanation of this, please see our blog article “The Practical Application of Being Faith Informed.”