health coach

Brittany Balke, Director and Education Coordinator


Hi, I’m Brittany, and I am passionate about healthcare done well. I founded Annunciation Wellness to help supplement and support medical care with manageable and effective lifestyle changes. We also provide eating disorder treatment and prevention services.

My life’s work has always been dedicated to the integration of mind and body, beginning with my first career as a classical dancer and on through my work as a massage therapist and a board certified physical therapist assistant (we’re kind of like the physician’s assistant of the physical therapy world) specializing in chronic pain. I am also an ACE certified health coach and a Master’s student in clinical counseling.

This eclectic career life gave me a hearty appreciation for how much misinformation exists around the connection between mind and body. I grew to highly value evidence based practice and its three pillars (research evidence, clinician expertise, and client needs/values) as a way to avoid misinformation and risk to clients. I also grew to appreciate the value of supportive mental health and nutrition care and discovered there was a major need for more practitioners able to provide these services. Annunciation Wellness is dedicated to providing this supportive care in order to grow a healthcare community that can truly serve the whole person.

I currently coordinate educational presentations and materials for Annunciation, while Nina Gasow provides medical nutrition therapy services.

My husband and I are active members in our church as a Deacon and Pani (a Slavic title for a deacon’s wife) with our kiddos, and, though it’s a cliche at this point, I really do enjoy long walks and good coffee.