health coach

Brittany Balke, Director and Education Coordinator

Phone: 719-398-0011

Hi, I’m Brittany, and I am passionate about healthcare done well. I founded Annunciation Wellness to help supplement and support medical care with manageable and effective lifestyle changes. We also provide eating disorder treatment and prevention services.

My work in healthcare began as a Physical Therapist Assistant, (we’re kind of like the physician’s assistant of the physical therapy world) specializing in chronic pain. In this work, I developed an appreciation for cooperative and motivational approaches to treatment, as well as the importance of evidence-based care. In order to learn more about general wellness and behavior change motivation, I became a certified health coach with ACE.  In that process, I realized patients needed stronger support for evidence-based wellness practices, with a need for quality nutrition care in particular. 

In addition to all of this, I spent most of my life heavily involved in the world of ballet and other dance forms as a performer, choreographer, and teacher. Keeping up with eating disorder prevention and treatment was vital for me in this role to ensure I was not perpetuating unhealthy messages to my co workers and young dancers.

As a result of these two backgrounds–plus meeting Nina Gasow through a colleague–I founded Annunciation Wellness to provide care that really truly honored the whole person.

I currently coordinate educational presentations and materials for Annunciation, while Nina provides medical nutrition therapy services. I am also studying in a master’s program to become a licensed professional counselor, particularly for those managing chronic pain and eating disorder recovery. 

My husband and I are active members in our church as a Deacon and Pani (a Slavic title for a deacon’s wife) with our kiddos, and, though it’s a cliche at this point, I really do enjoy long walks and cups of coffee.