Medical Nutrition Therapy

medical nutrition counseling

Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) addresses disease and dysfunction through nutritional diagnostic therapy and counseling services. This treatment can include food and nutrition assessments; anthropometric assessment (i.e. height, weight, growth patterns);  and interpretation of lab data. The registered dietitian will work with the client to set priorities, establish goals, and create action plans that relate to disease management and encourage responsibility for self-care.

MNT can help a variety of conditions. We work particularly with eating disorder treatment and women’s nutritional health management: 

Eating Disorder Treatment

Medical nutrition therapy for eating disorder treatment can be provided in person at our Longmont, CO, office, or via telehealth video conferencing with technology designed to make this care effective over a distance.  We provide thorough assessment, intervention, and monitoring for each client based on their unique needs. This process is designed to improve nutritional health and quality of life by addressing eating disorder behaviors. Every client is treated with an individualized approach that focuses on their needs and goals. While each treatment plan looks different, there are important aspects of care provided to all clients:

  • Regular coordination with treatment team (therapist, psychologist, doctor, etc.)
  • Customized meal plan (New meal plans are typically created using a modified exchange system. Clients coming from treatment centers can stay with their current meal planning system and updates will be made as needed)
  • Recovery centered weight monitoring (ClearStep scale is utilized for all virtual clients, which provides a completely numberless virtual weight monitoring system designed for eating disorder recovery)
  • Recovery centered food logging tools (The Recovery Record app is utilized for food logging. This unique tool developed by eating disorder professionals allows regular interaction and communication between client and provider).

Women's Nutritional Health Management

Women with hormonal imbalances can greatly benefit from nutritional care that addresses the underlying causes and problems associated with these medical conditions. Hormonal imbalances include PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Medical nutrition therapy for these conditions focuses on providing research based interventions to target disease processes. Understanding how weight, exercise, food choices, and overall nutrition status influence hormonal imbalances is an invaluable tool in medical management of these conditions. While each treatment plan looks different there are important aspects of care provided to all clients:
  • Coordination with other healthcare providers (OBGYN, endocrinologist, etc)
  • Customized meal plan (Carbohydrate controlled meal plans are designed for anyone with insulin resistance, diabetes, or gestational diabetes)
  • Assessment of vitamin/supplementation needs when appropriate
  • Balanced weight management guidance

Do you have questions about Medical Nutrition Therapy?

We welcome your inquiries! Please see our contact page for ways to get in touch. 

With regard to pricing, MNT begins with an initial 60 minute session at $125 and is followed by 45 minute sessions at $75. Frequency of visits is variable depending on client needs. We understand your resources are valuable and work to provide treatment that is as efficient as possible.