Three Ways to Use Health Coaching

Health coaching can be a bit of an enigma, particularly considering the variety of practitioners and programs out there!


Our coaching services are offered by Brittany Balke, an ACE certified health coach (the only NCCA accredited program) who comes from a medical background. She combines the best principles of evidence-based theory with effective behavior change strategies. She takes an individual and holistic approach to your health, with consideration for what matters most to you, and then cooperatively develops strategies with you to reach your wellness goals.


This approach provides for some flexibility in coaching format.


Right now, we offer three main formats for your coaching needs:


  1. Traditional telehealth coaching for long term support (3-12 months): In a traditional telehealth coaching program, the client and coach meet via our secure video platform one to four times a month, depending on client needs. There may also be email communication between telehealth appointments. This type of coaching typically lasts for 3 to 12 months, with meeting frequency decreasing in the later months, and is best for those who would like a higher level of support and guidance as they integrate new healthy habits. 

  2. Email health coaching for maximum financial and scheduling flexibility: We also offer health coaching almost entirely through email. Often the client and coach will agree to an initial video meeting to talk through goals, but there are times even this initial work can occur via email. This format works well if you need maximum flexibility in scheduling and feel comfortable sharing your needs and hearing from a coach in this format. 

  3. A singular “fresh start” meeting to set you up for success: Lots of people can benefit from a one-time coaching session to start them in the right direction. This is a great option for people who feel confident in following through with strategies but struggle to set up those goals and strategies. This option also works well for those who are already maintaining some healthy habits but feel like something just isn’t working and need guidance on what to adjust.


Not sure which format would work best for you, or wondering how to get started? Contact us or schedule a free consultation. We’d love to hear from you!

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